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Teeth whitening

Everyone wants a beautiful smile. We all react positively when we are faced with a fellow man with dazzling white teeth, as it is evidence of good health and freshness.

However, not everyone has white teeth naturally. For some of us whiteness decreases naturally with age. Others have actually less white teeth from the beginning. Some people may have discolored teeth due to external causes of medication and diet. Coffee and tobacco are also common causes of discoloration.

Clear effect

By using BrilliantSmile, people may brighten the color of their teeth through a secure, fast and cost efficient method. Only one treatment session of approximately 60 minutes is needed to obtain noticeable whiter teeth, with a result that lasts for years!

Specialized staff

Brilliant Smile offers - in addition to whiter teeth - higher self-esteem and better self-satisfaction through a beautiful smile. The proffessionals using BrilliantSmile have all undergone special training, and are certified to be able to use our controlled equipment and medicinal preparation. Every BrilliantSmile Clinic has always at least one licensed dentist as support for advice and discussion about each patient if needed. Often it is in fact dental clinics performing the treatments.

Simple painless treatment

The treatment itself is automated. Patients undergoing treatment with the BrilliantSmile method do not need to return for repeated treatments. The BrilliantSmile method is painless as we use market leading, gentle drugs in combination with balanced plasma light. All teeth are treated, during three 20-minute periods at a single appointment.

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