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We Have Had Our Teeth Whitened with BrilliantSmile

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic
For years now, the international soccer pro Zlatan Ibrahimovic has entrusted Kent Möller and Pär Pärsson at Amalthea clinic in Malmo to keep his teeth white and healthy, using BrilliantSmile of course.

Agneta, Mikael, Rickard
TV host Agneta Sjödin, actor Mikael Persbrandt and MMA athlete Rickard Nordstrand at Enixon Tandblekning in Stockholm.

Natacha Peyre
Model and blogger Natacha Peyre at Eva Hultén Tandblekning.

Jonas Hallberg
Super stylist Jonas Hallberg, from Swedish TopModel, at Enixon Tandblekning.

Hanni Beronius
Miss Universe Sweden, Hanni Beronius, whitened her teeth with BrilliantSmile in preparation for the competition.

Martin Granetoft
Martin from Swedish Big Brother whitened his teeth with BrilliantSmile on live TV, performed by Hud och Hårlaserkliniken in Stockholm.

Alexandra Nilsson
Blogger Alexandra "Kissie" Nilsson at SafeOn Clinic in Stockholm.

Cornelia Jakobsdotter
Cornelia Jakobsdotter, from Love Generation at Eva Hultén Tandblekning.

Mikaela Urbom
Mikaela Urbom from Love Generation at Eva Hultén Tandblekning.

Melanie Taylor
Melanie Taylor from Love Generation at Eva Hultén Tandblekning.

Discover ReminEvo

ReminEvo Gel is a treatment regime for sensitive teeth, which you perform yourself at home. The unique formula strengthens the enamel as it contains hydroxyapatite, the mineral by which enamel is constructed.

ReminEvo does not bleach your teeth, it however enhances the smoothness of the tooth surface, protecting against discoloration and making the teeth appear whiter.

Areas of use:

- If you have sensitive or damaged teeth, you can treat them with ReminEvo Gel in order to prevent and relieve discomfort.

- Before bleaching, if you have very sensitive teeth and worry about getting shooting pains.

- During at home bleaching treatment, if you have very sensitive teeth and wish to avoid discomfort.

- After bleaching, to remineralize the enamel quickly and minimize sensibility.

Miss World Sweden

BrilliantSmile was present when Miss World Sweden was crowned at Silja Symphony on June 9th! We of course made sure the girls had beautiful white teeth in preparation for the competition :)

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